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What is Virtual Assistance?


A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services. They are our off-site administrative professional. If you don’t have the space to hire one in-house or don’t have the office software/equipment needed to run your business or for whatever reason, hiring a virtual assistant will definitely help you.

What exactly can a virtual assistant do for you? A Virtual Assistant can help you a lot in so many ways. They can give you marketing support, helps you in your event planning, helps you to save your time because you will not have to spend time hiring an employee or temporary help, as well as training the new staff and most of all they are affordable! Here at Digital Marketing Agency Australia, we make it easy for clients to partner with successful VAs.


Any entrepreneur or start-up knows that time is money, especially when both are running low. In a world where a million things happen every day, certain mundane tasks often get pushed to the side. That can lead to decreased productivity and failed strides when the rubber meets the road.

This is where a virtual assistant comes in. Whether it’s sending a thank you card to a friend or researching potential investors, a virtual assistant can do just about anything. They take charge of not only the day-to-day business tasks but can even take hold of day-to-day personal tasks so you can keep focused on what’s at hand. Here at DMA Australia, we have professional, creative, and skillful VAs who can help you in your personal or business needs!



Overall, a virtual assistant can be an invaluable tool to a business, startup, or brand. They can handle mundane tasks like scheduling, researching, social media, and more to make sure your business is more productive. Furthermore, they help teams that already handle these tasks to start thinking more creatively and thus driving the business forward. Keeping your teams focused and energetic about the future can help develop a business beyond what is happening in the day today. This will allow your business to grow instead of staying stagnant.

The idea of offloading tasks like this can not only make you more productive but can free up head space so that you and your teams can think more creatively and drive the business forward. In all reality, a virtual assistant can help run the business and give you vital insights so you can steer it in the right direction. After all, insight into how to steer your business is absolutely invaluable. While there is so much to focus in a day, what’s happening at a macro level in the world can fall by the wayside. A virtual assistant can help alleviate those tasks so you can focus on the future.

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